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The Garda Egg Co. is the culmination of a project undertaken by Federica Bin, during a period of great change in her life: She had just moved into a large, new house, which was light and airy, and surrounded by abundant land and cool woods, and in the distance she could glimpse the blue waters of Lake Garda. For her, this was a quiet retreat, and a welcome step back from years spent leading a hectic lifestyle. In this relaxing setting her desire to raise animals emerged spontaneously and naturally, as she followed her dream of getting back to nature and the goodness of the natural world. A chance meeting with a friend led to a conversation about distinctively-coloured eggs, which were renowned for their beauty and goodness, and laid by hens of a special breed. And so, almost for fun, Federica Bin bought a dozen of these hens, entranced by the thought of producing eggs of exceptional quality which were increasingly being sought by renowned chefs, confectioners and ice cream makers. At the end of her research, she discovered that these gourmet products are obtained through the careful breeding of free-range hens, raised outdoors in large open spaces, and fed exclusively on certified organic grains. This was the perfect choice given her deep ethical convictions. And so her adventure began!

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