Having the ideal location, coupled with a sincere and growing desire, Federica Bin founded the farm The Garda Egg Co. and embarked upon an approach to farming her hens which places love and respect for the animals at the forefront of what she does. The results were quick to come: every day, the company is undergoing transformational change, expanding its production because nobody can resist the charm of her coloured eggs in unique shades of browns, greens and blues with a vast range of aromas and flavours. From its humble beginnings with just 10 hens, today The Garda Egg Co. boasts over 100 hens, and soon, with new investment in hen houses and land, this number will grow to more than 500. This exciting project has brought to fruition the company's clearly stated mission: to bring added value to the true quality of nature.

  • Livornese

  • Olive Egger

  • Australorp

  • Araucana

  • Marans

  • New Hampshire

  • Millefiori di Lonigo

  • Cream Legbar

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